Four Chord Simple Songbook

Suggested Donation: $10.00

The Four Chord Simple Songbook Includes:

  • Hundreds of Songs. My songbook includes the chords, lyrics, and strum patterns for every song that I teach on my channel.
  • Pain Free Learning. The songbook makes it easier to play along and learn songs since the whole song is visible on a single page.
  • Four Simple Chords. The only chords in my songbook are C, Am, F, and G! No need to endlessly search for songs that YOU can play!
  • Flexible Formats. You can print it out or use the auto-updating online version with new songs being added all the time!

Your Support is Appreciated:

The suggested donation for my songbook is $10, but you can certainly pay more or less than that. Think of it like sending me a tip, whatever you can afford is more than appreciated.

I’m hopeful that Four Chord Simple can one day provide the income necessary to support my growing family, giving me the freedom to spend more time with my two cute little boys.

Unfortunately YouTube doesn’t pay much for my videos, especially because all of them are cover videos, which means much of the ad revenue goes to the song’s copyright owner instead of me.

Other YouTuber’s use Patreon to encourage donations, but I wanted to do something different that would provide you with a valuable resource without you having to commit to a monthly donation.

In this way, I’m hopeful that the songbook will be of great benefit to you while supporting my family and supporting my mission to make learning the ukulele fun and easy.

Thank you for supporting me! I hope you enjoy my songbook!

Your ukulele pal,

Andrew 😊

*My songbook currently contains just under 100 songs with new songs being added all the time. With the digital copy, these updates will occur automatically for you. 👍

“Your song book has been an absolute staple with me learning the ukelele. Thank you for all you do!” – Alicyn

“A really useful tool that I’m glad I bought!” – Lyndsey

“I love the way you’ve taken so many songs and made them easy for people like me who do not have a lot of time to practice.” – Jim

“I’ve already learned so much through your YouTube channel and I’ve found your songbook so easy to follow so thank you very much for putting it together.” – Katy