Ukulele Beginner Course (w/ Financial Aid)

Suggested Donation: $70.00

The Ukulele Beginner Course includes all of the following:

  • 21 Easy-to-Follow Lessons
  • 40 High-Quality Videos
  • Ukulele Beginner Course Songbook (21 songs)
  • Course Spotify Playlist
  • Chord Chart
  • Strum Pattern Cheat Sheet
  • Practice Log
  • Ukulele Tuning App
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

“Literally the easiest way of learning new songs! Thank you very much!” – Vasiliki


“I have learned faster with your method than with a private teacher.” – Maurivan


“Ever since finding this, you have helped me learn 30 songs. You are so awesome man!” – Justin


“You have taught me how to play 3 songs so far on my first day of playing my ukulele. Thanks again!” – Frank

Your Support is Appreciated:

I understand that not everyone has $70 lying around to spend on a ukulele course, and I’d hate for pricing to be the reason that someone misses out on the joy of learning the ukulele.

For this reason, I’m providing the option for you to pay what you can afford. If you can pay $70, please do so as that is the true value of this course. Otherwise, please choose an honest number that is within your budget.

I’m hopeful that Four Chord Simple can one day provide the income necessary to support my growing family, giving me the freedom to spend more time with my two cute little boys.

Thank you for supporting me! I hope you enjoy my Ukulele Beginner Course!

Your ukulele pal,


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