A Song Using the C Chord: The Beat Goes On by Sonny & Cher

Now that you know your first chord and strum pattern, you are ready to put them into practice on your first song. As always, it helps if you are familiar with the song, which is why I’d recommend listening to the songs on the Ukulele Beginner Course Spotify Playlist regularly while using this course. You may also find it helpful to watch the whole tutorial at least once before attempting to play along. When playing along at first, keep the strum patterns simple by only doing one strum per chord. Then as you gain confidence feel free to replicate the same strum patterns as me, which can be found above the lyrics for each song in the Ukulele Beginner Course Songbook. And if you really like this song, I’d recommend slowly working towards memorizing it, which I will teach you how to do in the next topic. Otherwise, once you at least feel comfortable playing along with this video, feel free to mark it off.